Wyoming County ARES/RACES


Emergency Coordinator/RACES Officer Doug Dart KC2MVC
AEC Larry Omans AB2ZP
AEC Paul Deiter NQ2P
AEC Guy Distaffen KBØSWS
DEC Gary Wysocki N2WLS
SEC/SEMO Region 5 RACES Officer Joe Tedesco KC2DKP
Section Manager Laura Mueller N2LJM

SET Previous years:

SET 2009 Weekend

WCCH Evacuation Drill

October 3 & 4th

Activated: 10/3 1305Z
Secured: 10/4 1630Z
ARES members involved: 9
Total stations checking into the net: 16

Some pictures from the 2009 SET weekend. Click on any picture to see a larger size

Doug KC2MVC, Larry AB2ZP and Devin KC2RTE setting up and HF antenna Doug KC2MVC and Larry AB2ZP setting up an HF antenna Devin KC2RTE setting up an HF antenna Setting up an HF antenna Another view of the HF antenna Devin KC2RTE operating net control HF and VHF stations Ham operators, Paul NQ2P, Devin KC2RTE and Doug KB2RLO