Wyoming County ARES/RACES


Emergency Coordinator/RACES Officer Doug Dart KC2MVC
AEC Larry Omans AB2ZP
AEC Paul Deiter NQ2P
AEC Guy Distaffen KBØSWS
DEC Gary Wysocki N2WLS
SEC/SEMO Region 5 RACES Officer Joe Tedesco KC2DKP
Section Manager Laura Mueller N2LJM

SET Previous years:

SET 2007 Weekend

Doug KC2MVC "Thanks everyone for your participation during SET. It was a huge success. It was a great training exercise and we all learned something."

Ice Storm Drill

October 6 & 7th

Activated: 10/6 1300Z
Secured: 10/7 1930Z
ARES Members involved: 10

An article in the Jan/Feb 2008 National Communications magazine (requires Adobe Reader)

Tactical Sites traffic
  Outgoing Incoming
Perry Command 17 11
Red Cross 15 21
Perry Shelter 8 9
Hiram Shelter 12 11
147.315+141.3 PLPrimary/Net
145.450-141.3 PLSecondary/traffic
146.535  Simplex
145.590  Packet/WinLink 2000
  7.235±QRM40 Meters
  3.925±QRM75 Meters