Wyoming County ARES/RACES


Emergency Coordinator/RACES Officer Doug Dart KC2MVC
AEC Larry Omans AB2ZP
AEC Paul Deiter NQ2P
AEC Guy Distaffen KBØSWS
DEC Gary Wysocki N2WLS
SEC/SEMO Region 5 RACES Officer Joe Tedesco KC2DKP
Section Manager Laura Mueller N2LJM

SET Previous years:

SET 2008 Weekend

October 4 & 5th

Activated: 10/4 1220Z
Secured: 10/5 1646Z
ARES members involved: 14
Total stations checking into the net: 22

Some pictures from the 2008 SET weekend. (Pardon the low picture quality...they were taken with cell phones) Click on any picture to see a larger size

Larry AB2ZP operating net control Ken KC2REY operating net control Doug KC2MVC operating HF Shack in the box Shack in the box II Elaine KC2SJF, Lily & Lizzy KC2LNZ watching as things get started Elaine KC2SJF & Devin KC2RTE killing some time on the computer Radios set up desk